No mapping found for HTTP request with URI in DispatherServlet

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While working with Spring MVC it responds with a 404 error and reported "No mapping found for HTTP request with URI[....] in DispatherServlet"?
Jun 2, 2018 in Java by poorvi
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Your standard Spring MVC application will serve all requests through a DispatcherServlet that you've registered with your Servlet container.

The DispatcherServlet looks at its ApplicationContext and, if available, the ApplicationContext registered with a ContextLoaderListener for special beans it needs to setup its request serving logic. These beans are described in the documentation.

public InternalResourceViewResolver resolver() {
    InternalResourceViewResolver vr = new InternalResourceViewResolver();
    return vr;
added tomcat-embed-jasper:
answered Jun 6, 2018 by prasad
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