How to pass dynamic JSON request with parameter in POST request using Rest assured java

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I am currently testing an API which has CREATE project feature.
I have hard coded my json request body and passing values of each fields as variable.

  "ProjectId": <var1>,
  "Address": <var2>,
  "City": <var3>,
  "County": "Ventura",
  "State": "Ventura",
  "Zip": "560043",
  "SquareFeet": <blank>

Now it is fine if all attributes are same everytime I run, but what if there are more attributes to pass, and it might differ depending on my test scenarios.
I am looking for a solution to pass this attributes dynamically based on external file like excel or json and run accordingly.

Also I would like to know what is the standard approach being followed in such scenarios, How are the payload passed?
Jun 25, 2019 in Java by avishek
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Hi Avishek, If you got any solution, please post here. I am also searching for the similar solution.

Hi, just incase if you are still looking for the solution,
I found using POJO class can be a good solution to this.
Check this out:

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here payload is short you can also try to Randomly generate these values and Pass here.
answered Jul 23, 2020 by Vivek

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