Injecting property value into Spring Bean using annotations

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In my Spring app, I have beans configured using annotations, for e.g:

public class PersonDaoImpl extends AbstractDaoImpl implements PersonDao {
    // .......

In the XML file, I have a bean called “PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer” defines as:

<bean id="propertyConfigurer" 
    <property name="loc" value="/WEB-INF/" />

Now, from the I need to inject a property in the above bean. I tried doing the following:

<bean class="com.example.PersonDaoImpl">
    <property name="maxResults" value="${results.max}"/>

It's not working, I think the reason behind this is PersonDaoImpl is not a feature in the Spring XML file and is picked up from the classpath using annotations.

So, I tried the below code, but still, I am not able to access the property from PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer.

public class PersonDaoImpl extends AbstractDaoImpl implements PersonDao {

    @Resource(name = "propertyConfigurer")
    protected void setProperties(PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer ppc) {
    // How to access results.max? 

Can someone suggest how do I access it?

May 29, 2018 in Java by anto.trigg4
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I think you can easily perform this operation in Spring 3 as it provides EL support. Follow the below:

public void setDatabaseName(String db) { ... }

public void setKeyGenerator(KeyGenerator keygen) { ... }


Systemproperties: It is an implicit object.

Strategybean: It is the name of a bean.

Similarly, when you want to access some property from a Properties object, you can use @Value to its fields:

private String githubOauthClientId;
Hope this clears your doubt.

answered May 29, 2018 by code.reaper12
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