Channel fails to create Hyperledger Fabric

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So Im trying to create a channel with 

peer channel create -o -c bloyal -f ./channel-artifacts/channel.tx --outputBlock ./bloyal.block --tls --cafile /opt/gopath/src/

But I keep getting this error, and I have no clue what else to try

Error: got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST -- error validating channel creation transaction for new channel 'bloyal', could not succesfully apply update to template configuration: error authorizing update: error validating ReadSet: existing config does not contain element for [Group] /Channel/Application/ZaraMSP but was in the read set

All my files are taken from byfn but modified to fit my bloyal network

May 26, 2020 in Blockchain by Sara
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Hi, @Sara,

I guess this error is happening because the channel was already started. If this is the case then try
./ -m restart -c channelName

I hope this helps.

answered May 26, 2020 by Gitika
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Hi @Gitika, Thank you for your input!

I cleaned containers, images, volumes and networks and started from scratch.. Still same error.

It wont let me add a peer to this channel either, so can it be something else in your opinion?

Best regards

Hi, @Sara,

Don't forget to set *TLS_ENABLED to false in peer_base.yaml and orderer_base.yaml, cause some example under no-tls, distinguish them is to see whether there is --cafile $ORDERER_CA in command.

Start with a fresh config and new channel name. Also, try passing the -t int flag in peer channel create command. Might be an issue that the command is timing before generating the channel genesis block.

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