What is the best way to learn Python from beginning to advanced?

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Hii team,

I wanted to learn python from beginning to advanced so anyone up to suggest me the best online resource where I can get started with?
May 20 in Career Counselling by kartik
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Hello @kartik,

Its a nice idea to start learning Python from Edureka.

Edureka is a good platform to guide you! It in itself offers great amount of courses and definitely each of them have their own value addition to Python Community and guides you.

 Reviews on their own speaks about the course quality.

I recently saw a course on Python that caught my eyes on Edureka.

Learn Python Programming to Land Up in a Job

Covers project, makes you develop game. more importantly gets your understanding on Python absolutely right!

However you can check out the youtube video of python course by edureka:

Edureka Python Training | Learn Online from Home | edureka.co‎

Thank You!!

answered May 20 by Niroj
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