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I have created a custom EC2 windows instance.

This EC2 instance is created within the public subnet but without public IP assigned to the EC2 instance, only private IP assigned. This public subnet has the Main Route Table with internet gateway(EIP) attached.

Added the ICMP protocol to the security group inbound rules with ip subnets and also enabled the "File and Printer Sharing(Echo Request) firewall rules in the EC2 instance.

With the above configuration, I accept from my local machine I will not able to ping the EC2 instance. Why I am not able to ping ay public domain like(yahoo or goolge) from the EC2 instance. Note, I used Bastion machine to that EC2 instance.
May 11, 2020 in AWS by anonymous
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You set inbound rule to your instance. It means you are allowing outside traffic in your instance. But you are trying to connect to the outside world from your instance and you did not set your outbound rule. So set ICMP protocol for outbound rules and then try once.

answered May 11, 2020 by MD
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