How to get the number of pages in a pdf file present in s3

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I am using a python lamda function to add a file in s3.
Before adding the file in my s3, i would like to know the file size, number of pages info
How can i check that ?
May 2, 2020 in AWS by Manav
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To know about information about pdf file, you can use pdfinfo command in linux as follows.

[root@localhost Desktop]# pdfinfo Resume.pdf                                                                            
Title:          xxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                                 
Creator:        PDFescape Online -                                                            
Producer:       RAD PDF -                                                               
CreationDate:   Thu Oct 31 07:27:04 2019 EDT                                                                            
ModDate:        Thu Oct 31 07:30:47 2019 EDT                                                                            
Tagged:         no                                                                                                      
UserProperties: no                                                                                                      
Suspects:       no                                                                                                      
Form:           none                                                                                                    
JavaScript:     no                                                                                                      
Pages:          2                                                                                                       
Encrypted:      no                                                                                                      
Page size:      612 x 792 pts (letter)                                                                                  
Page rot:       0                                                                                                       
File size:      33130 bytes                                                                                             
Optimized:      no                                                                                                      
PDF version:    1.4  

Hope this will help.

answered May 3, 2020 by MD
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