i want to bulid career in cloud computing but i am not good at programming what should i do

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Apr 11, 2020 in Cloud Computing by anonymous
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To learn cloud technologies, you don’t actually need programming skills. But in the job, you can’t keep doing the things manually & that takes hell lot of time. This applies to all testers/support/developers.

In addition to cloud skills, automation languages like Powershell, Python, Ansible are very helpful at your job.

I would say you need more knowledge of Linux/Windows server environments, networking, storage and a bit of security principles.

For Example, let’e talk about AWS the largest cloud provider, it has the following certification courses:


In this, if you go for AWS Certified Developer, as you might have noticed it says “developer”, therefore you will be needing the coding experience.

Having said that, here is a short tutorial on certifications:

Every other cloud provider follows the same ideology. The first certification, Solutions Architect is all about architecting in the cloud, therefore doesn’t need any coding experience.

Good luck!!

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answered Apr 13, 2020 by Niroj
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