What are some best examples of AI applications in our daily life

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Could anyone explain me the best examples of the AI applications in our day to day life?
Apr 8, 2020 in Machine Learning by michael
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Hello michael,

Your best examples of AI applications in our daily life is similar to this-AI Applications: Top 10 Real World Artificial Intelligence Applications.

Do checki it  out!!

Thank You!!

answered Apr 8, 2020 by Niroj
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There are thousands of examples of AI application in our daily life. 

For example

  • You have your smart phone with camera, right. But do your camera recognize you, means when you come in front of your camera it tells you hi micheal. Here you can use face recognition concept which makes your camera more intelligent which comes under AI.

  • Say you have your program in your system, now you can control that program with your voice. I mean when you give command to your program to run, it will run for you. Here you can use voice recognition concept which makes your normal program more intelligent.

So, you just think how can you do your normal tasks with more intelligence and upgrade your tasks with AI.

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answered Apr 8, 2020 by MD
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Hi Michael,

You don’t need to be a programmer or an IT expert just to apply AI in your daily life. Currently, you will find multiple AI applications we’re using on a daily basis we’re unaware of. For example:

  • Chatbots – this is one of the most effective forms of AI. If you simply open a website and look for queries, you will instantly notice a pop-up message appearing on your screen. This is the work of a chatbot. At the moment, these chatbots are simply based on rules and they do not employ AI. In the coming future, there is a huge chance where AI can be implemented in creating chatbots.
  • Siri – it is a smart digital assistant we use daily. They may be slow today, but prediction says, by 2025, they will slowly engulf the business market.

Hope this helps!

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answered Apr 9, 2020 by Albert
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In daily life, we are using AI applications in virtual assistants like Siri, and Alexa, smart home devices like security systems, healthcare, etc.

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answered Jun 19 by anonymous
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