connect to aws ec2 instance via public ip

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I have an EC2 instance with an Elastic IP address. Let's say its public IP is and its private IP is I can connect to my Client VPN Endpoint and get to the 172 address, and from the public Internet, I can get to the 3.x.x.x address (but I need to close this avenue). So, what I want is to be able to get to the 3.x.x.x address when I'm connected to the VPN. I have an app that requires the server name and IP address to be hard coded and it's a pain to reconfigure. From the office, the 3.x.x.x network is available through an ingress rule, so I don't want the added expense of a site-to-site VPN. I tried adding a route to the 3.x.x.x address in my Client VPN Endpoint, and the route appears in my PC's route table when I connect to the VPN, but I sill can't get there. Is there some setting or additional AWS feature I need to add to make this work?
Apr 7, 2020 in AWS by rossboulet
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Your problem is "I want to be able to get to the 3.x.x.x address when I'm connected to the VPN", right?

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