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Can someone help me with this.

Below tasks should be automated through Jenkins by creating a pipeline:

1. Install and configure puppet agent on the slave node (Job 1)

2. Sign the puppet certificate on master using Jenkins (Job 2) 3. Trigger the puppet agent on test server to install docker (Job 3)

4. Pull the PHP website, Dockerfile and Selenium JAR from your git repo and build and deploy your PHP docker container. After this test the deployment using Selenium JAR file. (Job 4)

5. If Job 4 fails, delete the running container on Test Server

Steps for executing the solution: • Use the Master VM for Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, GIT etc.

• Use the Clean Ubuntu VM image provided in the “Edureka Setup Guide” for Jenkins Slave Node (Test Server) • Change the IP address of the VMs accordingly

• Add Build Pipeline Plugin and Post-build task plugin to Jenkins on the master VM

 • Install python, openssh-server and git on the slave node manually

 • Set up the necessary tools such as git, chromedriver(selenium), chromium browser(selenium) on the slave node through Ansible • Use the image devopsedu/webapp and add your PHP website to it using a Dockerfile

• Create a Selenium Test for your PHP website. It should click on “About” and verify the text written in it. This will conclude the website is deployed and is running fine

. • Push the PHP website, Dockerfile and Selenium JAR to a git repository
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