Skills needed for becoming a good DevOps engineer

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I was just wondering what all skills does one need to become a successful DevOps engineer, also what all tools does one need to expert in?

Thank you so much!
Sep 24, 2018 in DevOps & Agile by Hannah
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Here a few skills needed in a DevOps engineer:

1. Soft skills- DevOps is all about Development team and the operations team working together and communication and soft skill is a must.

2. Basic understanding of the following technologies and tools

Source Control (like Git, Bitbucket, Svn, VSTS etc)
Continuous Integration (like Jenkins, Bamboo, VSTS )
Infrastructure Automation (like Puppet, Chef, Ansible)
Deployment Automation & Orchestration (like Jenkins, VSTS, Octopus Deploy)
Container Concepts (LXD, Docker)
Orchestration (Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm)
Cloud (like AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud, Openstack)

3. Security Training- DevOps engineers must be able to write secure code to protect applications from attack, as well as defend against common cybersecurity vulnerabilities

4. Experience with automation tools- Since devops is all about automation basic knowledge of all these automation is a must.

5. Strong testing skills

6. Customer first mind set as at the end of the day customer satisfaction is the goal.

7. Collaboration - Most devops teams work in smaller teams and integrate their work and hence collaboration is a must.

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answered Sep 24, 2018 by Kalgi
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Some of the skills that a devops engineer should possess in order to be successful in Devops domain are:

  • Experience with infrastructure automation tools and fluency in web languages: 

Proficient with skills/tools such as Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet, Docker, Chef and Windows PowerShell DSC as well as fluency in languages including Ruby, Python, Java and PHP are must-have skills for DevOps pros.

  • Flexibility

Should be open to increasing their competencies further when given the opportunity to do so.

  • Expertise in “soft skills”:

Organizations look for DevOps candidates who are skilled in interpersonal communication, with an arsenal of listening, negotiation, problem-solving and team-building skills at the ready.

  • Familiarity with CI (continuous integration) tools:

Continuous integration is a DevOps methodology that continually merges source code updates from all developers on a specific software build, notifying the team of any failures in the process.

This offers a real-time window into the developing software system, allowing immediate and constant engagement of all team members throughout the project lifecycle.

Other skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of software build cycles
  • Experience deploying code
  • Experience in software architecture
  • Familiarity with application programming
  • Database management
  • System design
answered Jul 29, 2019 by Sirajul
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