Project design building a website that d allow users to submit code and my back end would use a cluster of machines probably on AWS to run the code and return the result

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Hi. I'm new to Docker and am a bit confused on how to design my project.

I'm looking to build a website that'd allow users to submit code and my back end would use a cluster (it that's the right term) of machines (probably on AWS?) to run the code and return the result.

So, I'm basically going to have to spawn new containers/machines (which one?) with 512 MB RAM and a single core .

Thanks in advance.
Feb 6, 2020 in Docker by anonymous
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In docker will create containers based on no of images, so how many images you have currently in your application and what's the size of images, pls share all details?
I'm thinking I could go with Alpine based linux containers that have gcc, g++, java, python to run the user submitted code.
ok great,but do you know in which file format the code will stored in?
Which code? What do you mean? I'm more confused about the design and containerizing of components of the project right now.
yes I understand your concern, there are some steps need to follow in order to do containerization, you need to create docker images, etc. Start with understanding the difference between VM (compute engine) and container engine

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