How to create a relative data slicer in Power BI?

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Can anyone help me out how to create a relative data slicer in Power BI?
Jan 31 in Power BI by Roshni
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With the relative date slicer or filter, you can apply time-based filters to any date column in your data model. 

For example, steps are:

  • You can use the relative date slicer to show only sales data that's happened within the last 30 days. 
  • When you refresh the data, the relative time period automatically applies the appropriate relative date constraint.  
  • Now you can use the relative date slicer just like any other slicer. 
  • Create a slicer visual for your report and then select a date value for the Field value.
  • Select the slicer on your canvas and then the carat in the upper-right corner of the slicer visual. If the visual has date data, the menu will display the option for Relative.
  1. For the relative date slicer, select Relative.

answered Jan 31 by Shivani

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