Is Sophia Humanoid Limited Memory type of AI or Reactive Machines type of AI

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Just wanted to know what type of AI is Sophia humaoid and the google assistant, Alexa and Siri?
Jan 29, 2020 in Machine Learning by Leena
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Sophia is basically a chatbot with a very human-looking face. My guess, it is a humanoid limited memory type of AI.

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answered Jan 29, 2020 by Rakshi
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There are 4 types of AI:

  1. Reactive Machines
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Theory of Mind
  4. Self-awareness

Theory of Mind and Sel-awareness are still in progress. There isn't anything build using it. Google Assistant and Alexa do use some memory but that is only on the individual level to learn patterns. Alexa does not learn from its memory so it cannot be of the type Limited Memory. 

I think its Reactive Machine with a part of limited theory concepts.

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answered Jan 29, 2020 by Kalgi
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