What are the steps to work on any production issue in git

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I have a requirement for a change that needs to be made on production in Git. What are the steps that I should follow?
Nov 26, 2019 in Git & GitHub by anonymous
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Let's go through the steps to understand flow in case we are working on any production issue :

Step 1: we'll create a local branch for developing any feature /bug which can be a child branch inherited from the production branch.

The below command will create headerissue branch locally on which developer would work and fix production issues.

git checkout -b headerissue production branch

We can check the branches existing regionally by running below command.

step 2: git branch -List  all branches existing locally. You can progress the changes by running below command

step 3: git status- To see any changes in the branch

step 4: Once you are done with changes committing changes locally not remotely.

Once unit testing and release testing gets completed, you'll be able to move to merge the changes within the production branch.

step 5: Now you can move to the production branch

$ git checkout productionbranch

Switched to branch production branch and merge the changes once

$ git merge --no-ff headerissue (merging with issue branch)
$ git branch -d headerissue(delete local branch)
$ git push origin productionbranch (pushing issue fix in production branch)
answered Nov 26, 2019 by Sirajul
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