What are the best Python frameworks for automation testing

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What are the best Python frameworks for automation testing?
Sep 3, 2019 in Career Counselling by Jagdish
Do we have only python frameworks for automation testing? Or is there any other framework that i could use?
@Sirajul, no all the other languages supporting automation testing like Java, Ruby, C# etc have their own unit testing frameworks like JUnit, TestNG, Cucumber etc.

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Hey Jagdish, following are some of the Python frameworks which are currently very popular in the market for automation testing:

  1. Robot Framework: It is a very popular Python framework used for automation testing. It is developed entirely in Python and is compatible across all platforms viz. Windows, MacOS, Linux etc. This automation framework is capable of running in .NET and Java and it can be used for acceptance testing. It is an open-source framework & there is scope for API extension. It is undoubtedly the simplest test automation framework and it allows you do parallel testing.

  2. PyTest: It is also one of the best Python framework used for all types of software testing. Pytest is open source and easy to learn, thus it can be used by QA teams, development teams, individual developers and in open source projects. One of the best attributes of Pytest is that it offers comprehensive information for the failures in the testing cases so that the developers can determine the issue appropriately and fast. It is compatible with the current edition of Python and also with doctest, unit test etc.

  3. PyUnit: PyUnit is basically a unit testing framework which was originally inspired by JUnit and has similar features as other major unit testing frameworks. It supports test automation, sharing of setup & shutdown code for tests, aggregation of tests into collections, and independence of the tests from the reporting frameworks. Though it comes as a default test automation framework, its working principle and naming conventions are a bit different than standard Python codes.

  4. Jasmine: Jasmine uses BDD (behavior-driven development) framework for JavaScript unit testing. It is excellent for any test scenarios where JavaScript is present. Apart from JavaScript, it is also used in Ruby and Python test automation. Hence, it enables you to run server side and client side test cases in parallel.

  5. Behave:  Behave is another one of the best Python test frameworks that allow you to execute BDD testing without any complications. The behavior is designed by the behavior specs and the steps are then reused by other test scenarios. The nature of this framework is quite similar to SpecFlow and Cucumber for automation testing. Test cases are written in a simple readable language and later stuck to the code during execution. 

  6. Lettuce: Lettuce is another simple and easy to use behavior-driven automation tool based on Cucumber and Python. The main objective of Lettuce is to focus on the common tasks of behavior-driven development, making the process simpler and entertaining.

Hope this helps!
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answered Sep 3, 2019 by Anvi
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Hey @Anvi. I'm new to Python and Automation. I'm learning python, which framework is better for automation for starters?
Thanks, @Anvi. Which one amongst the above will give me a promisisng career?
@Tanya, none of these frameworks can be used individually to make a career in. They are used along with Selenium Webdriver or other Automation testing tool. So you can use any one of them to make your automation more easier.

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