Using Cloudfront for posting data

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Hi all

I'm using AWS Cloudfront as a CDN config in my application.

I enabled all Http method: put, post, get,.... in configuration of S3 and Cloudfront.

Now I can post an object to CDN address: with object key: profiles/1234556.jpg

But now I want post object to address: with object key 1234556.jpg but it always return error 405: method not allowed, message: the specified method is not allowed against this resource

Can I do it? Has anyone done it yet??

Thanks a lot!!!
Sep 3, 2019 in AWS by iamdatvt
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Hey! Can you show your CloudFront configuration?

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The POST request must be done to the root URL ("/"). In the CloudFront settings, check the 'Default Root Object' setting. This value must be blank, and not index.html. I never had to set any CORS settings.

Hope this helped!!

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Thank you!

answered Sep 3, 2019 by Lakshminarayan

Did you post any object to https:/// (or any subdirectory) successfully?

Here is my config and root value is blank.

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