How to print first character of each word in upper case of a string in Python

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Lets say there is a string such as "this is a sample python program". 

How to write a program such that it would print the first character of each word in the string. such as T,I,A,S,P,P

i.e. This Is A Sample Python Program ?

Jun 1, 2018 in Python by jain12
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You can use split() using space as delimiter to fetch each word and then use counter-chindex to find if it is first character of each word. If yes, then apply upper()

Below is the sample code:

s1="this is a sample python program"
s1.split(" ")
for letter in s1.split(" "):
     if chindex==1:
         print(letter[0].upper()+""+letter[1:len(letter)], end=" ")
answered Jun 1, 2018 by george
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