jenkins automatic deploy

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i have three jobs job1:api  job2:ui   job3:deploy

i have to auto mate job 3 when job1 and job 2 build is completed it should have to trigger job 3
Aug 29, 2019 in DevOps & Agile by abhay

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You could probably configure these 3 jobs in a Jenkins pipeline

  • Creating all the 3 jobs the next step we have to do is to connect them in the form of a pipeline. In order to do this we need to configure two things: Build Triggers and Post Build Actions.

  • Inorder to automate job3, what you can do is you can configure a post build step in job 2 where you can trigger job 3 automatically, after job2 build is complete.

  • For a basic understanding of how a jenkins pipeline is to be configured you could refer to

answered Aug 29, 2019 by Sirajul
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i have been configured those three jobs through pipeline only .

 i will explain in details with the first two jobs we can get one tar and jar file .

first two jobs will will trigger automatically when code checkin.

third job i am copying those files from console i need to build them .i have written pipeline script for that .

the thing is that i need to trigger automatically third job .

right now i am using build trigger option .

i need any other way we can automate using any script or any some other option

Since you have mentioned that your Job 3 is a deploy job, I guess your requirement is for automated deployment, if i have got that right.

There are many plugins available which can be used to transfer the build files after a successful build to the respective application/web server. One example is the “Deploy to container Plugin”.

You could probably try it to serve your purpose. Check this out:

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