Jenkins status active(exited) coming after the installation of Jenkins on my local system.

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I am trying to install Jenkins on my ubuntu machine. I did all the steps which were required to install it. But after the installation, I started Jenkins and then checked the status of Jenkins.

$service jenkins start

$systemctl status Jenkins

And the output coming is like

Jenkins status active(exited) 

I don't know why it is exiting. I tried running the application at 8080. It was unable to access that port address.

Can anyone help me with this?


Feb 11 in DevOps & Agile by Damon Salvatore
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I think that you are having some firewall related issues.

Try running below commands.

$sudo ufw enable

Check the status of the firewall by using the below command.

$sudo ufw status

It will show the firewall status as enable and active.

Now allow access to port 8080 by using below command.

$sudo ufw allow 8080

Now restart your Jenkins server and check the status.

$service jenkins restart

$systemctl status jenkins

You will get output like below.

jenkins status active(running)

Try accessing the 8080 port now.

I hope that it will resolve your query.


answered Feb 11 by Shubham
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I have performed the steps mentioned above.Firewall status is enable and active. When I restart the Jenkins service it still says exited.
Can you tell the steps you've followed to install Jenkins?

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