Can I launch a Puppet Server using the puppet puppetserver-standalone docker image

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Is it possible to launch a puppet server from a puppet/puppetserver-standalone docker image? How should i go about doing this?
Aug 23, 2019 in Puppet by Jane

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In order to launch a Puppet Server using the puppet/puppetserver-standalone image we'll need a Kubernetes Service and a Deployment. We could generate the required configurations from a Docker Compose file. 

For this we'll use Kompose. With Kompose installed we simply need to run the following command to launch our Puppet Server.

kompose up

If you'd like to see the generated Kubernetes configuration files you can run the following command:

kompose convert

This should generate a puppet-service.json file along with a puppet-deployment.json file in the local directory.

We're going to test out our Puppet Server from our local machine so we'll need to expose it externally outside our cluster.

kubectl expose service puppet --port=8140 --target-port=8140 --name=puppet-external --type=LoadBalancer

We can watch the new service launch and then add an external load balancer. 

kubectl get service puppet-external --watch
NAME              CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
puppet-external   <pending>     8140/TCP   40s
puppet-external   123.456.78.91   8140/TCP   54s
answered Aug 23, 2019 by Sirajul
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