how to take a loop from SAP Application?

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I stuck in one scenario that is ,I am using Oracle Application.there object cloning is not working so i used to OCR but there One table is there ..i am not able to extract that table,in that table every record has some individual data ,,now i want to loop that table ..object cloning is not working so i used keystrokes..

1.we are at 1st record .i use enter ..then it shows me data i extracted that ..

2.again cursor  went to 1 record only i want go to second record and press enter then i want to extract inside i want to goto 3 rd record ..extrcat data this loop..

but problem is i cant extrct the table ....every time it is going to first record ....please suggest me the solution .

if i use loop for this how can i use loop for this ...if i want take loop with 100 times like this ...we dont know ,many records will come every time ..please suggest how to do loop this


Aug 11 in RPA by anonymous
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I think in my opinions, you cannot use for loop to extract data from a table, as when you will try to use OCR, you have to give a screen sample, from where OCR will extract the data. Now you cannot give different Screen sample to OCR in a For loop.

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