How to extract data from website and save it to excel using Blue Prism?

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Aug 11 in RPA by anonymous

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Hey, you can use following steps to extract data from a website and save it to excel using Blue Prism:

  1. Create a new Object from Studio tab using Create Object. Give Object name and description and click Finish.
  2. Now, double click on the newly created Object and it will open the Object Studio
  3. Then click on Application Modeller and and keep the Application Name unchanged. Click Next and select Browser-Based Application and again click Next.
  4. Select 'A browser that is launched from an executable file' and click Next. Now provide the browser exe file path and go Next.
  5. Enter the URL you wish to open and go Next. Now leave the default options as it is and keep on clicking Next. Finally, click Finish.
  6. Now you have your Application modeller which can be launched now to open the desired web url.
  7. Next, click on Element 1 (default element created in modeller) and then click Identify. 
  8. Select the desired web element or datatable from which you want to extract data. This will populate all the attributes of the web element in the Element 1 Attributes section. Click Apply.
  9. Now, in the Object Studio, add a Navigate activity and add your Object and select an action for it (like Launch).
  10. Next, add a Read activity and set it's Element Data to GetTable. Now store this table into a datatable type variable.
  11. Now you can use this datatable variable to write the data to excel file.
answered Aug 19 by Abha
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