Can t start jenkins with puppet

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I'm trying to install jenkins on a puppet server which is a ubuntu machine.But i'm getting the following error:

/etc/puppet/modules/jenkins/manifests# puppet agent --no-daemonize --verbose
notice: Starting Puppet client version 2.7.1
info: Caching catalog for
err: Could not run Puppet configuration client: Parameter unless failed: 'apt-key list | grep -Fqe 'D50582E6'' is not qualified and no path was specified. Please qualify the command or specify a path.

I didn't have a few things:

/etc/puppet/modules/jenkins/manifests# apt-key list | grep -Fqe 'D50582E6'

i have followed explanation in this page and use first module specified there:

i have downloaded the apt module and placed it in puppet under modules.

Can somebody please help?

Aug 9, 2019 in Puppet by anonymous

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You could probably try this:

Either you should fully qualify the executables, i.e.

unless => '/usr/bin/apt-key list | /bin/grep -Fqe D50582E6',

or you should try adding a path, i.e.

path => ['/bin', '/usr/bin'],
unless => 'apt-key list | grep -Fqe D50582E6'
answered Aug 9, 2019 by Sirajul
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