Puppet DSL : String concatenation.

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is there a string concatenation operator in the Puppet DSL? It appears that there is currently no such thing. But how do i achieve the objective of string concatenation in puppet? How do I create a string composed of multiple string values?
Aug 8 in Puppet by Henry

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Method 1: One way is Keyword variable interpolation:

$value = "${one}${two}"

Source: http://docs.puppetlabs.com/puppet/4.3/reference/lang_variables.html#interpolation

Note that although it might work without the curly braces, you should always use them.

Method 2: Another option is using Puppets sprintf() function, which functions identically to the ruby function behind it. 

An example:

$x = sprintf('hello user %s', 'CoolUser')

It is verified to work perfectly with puppet. This approach can also help you concatenate the output of functions.

answered Aug 8 by Sirajul
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