How to create a function like f(y) = xy^2 in Python?

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I want to write a function for f(y) = xy^2 in Python. Like if I pass value such as f(3) then it should give output as 9x. How to do it?
Aug 5 in Python by Arvind
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This is very easy. have a look at the following code - 

>>> def f(y):
       return str(y**2) + 'x'
>>> f(9)


And if you have the value of constant then 

def f(y):
  return x*(y**2)
>>> f(2)

Suppose you have a polynomial equation such as 

p(x)=x4−4⋅x2+3⋅xp(x)=x4−4⋅x2+3⋅x then in this case :

>>> def p(x):
    return x**4 - 4*x**2 + 3*x
>>> p(2)

answered Aug 5 by Neel
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