How to create and read from a temporary file in Python

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Hi all, my question is pretty simple. 

I wanted to know if there was any way which could help me write to a temporary file and later implement his in a command. So, this would later be able to be closed or removed as per requirement.

And that command should be executable by the user at all times. Consider this example:

random_command/tmp/a-temp-file. How can this be done?

Check out the code for a bit of better clarity (If it helps!)

import tempfile
temp = tempfile.TemporaryFile()
temp.write('Some data')

Appreciate the help!

Jan 29, 2019 in Python by Anirudh
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1 answer to this question.

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Hi, there is a very simple solution to the asked question. 

Well, if you actually are looking for a temp file which has a particular name, then you will have to use a built-in function for this. 

The built-in function is called the NamedTemporaryFile function. I am sure you would already be aware of this or you have used this in the past. I tend to do this myself too, haha!

Then, later what you can do is to make use of the and this should directly solve your issues.

For further clarification, I suggest you check out the official Python documentation for the tempfile and you should be good to go.

Hope this helped!

answered Jan 29, 2019 by Nymeria
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