AWS ec2 instance no supported authentication methods available server sent publickey gssapi-keyex gssapi-with-mic

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Created EC2 instance in AWS and trying to connect from putty. But getting error like, "No Supported authentication methods available(server sent: publickey)".

Even I tried several times to create new instances and downloaded new key value pair to change .pem to .ppk through puttyGen, And .ppk load into putty with providing proper public DNS name. But couldn't help out.

Please provide suggestions, how to connect from putty to ec2 linux instance.
Aug 1, 2019 in AWS by Vijay Bhaskar

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Have a look at this thread, same issue discussed:

Followed above URL, But It seems different error as attached screen. I have done several times with generating .ppk file from .pem file through puttyGen. Please suggest the same. is not useful, Because I followed same steps what they mentioned. But still getting below attached error.

Are you trying to login as a non-root user? That might be the issue.
Hey @Vijay, any luck with this error?

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same error I got
answered Jun 20, 2020 by Yunus

Try to use the username as given by AWS. For amazon AMI you have to use ec2-user as your username.

You just saved my life. THANK YOU!!

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