Moving data from one storage class to another based on the access pattern

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We have huge data in S3 and some of the data is frequently accessed and some not. Based on the access pattern we would like to move the data from S3-Standard to S3-InfrequentAccess. The S3 Object Lifecycle Management allows to move the data based on the age of the data and not on the access pattern. Is there any tool which AWS provides to move the data based on the access pattern and not on the data age?

Jul 30, 2019 in AWS by jimmy_longmann
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AWS S3 provides a feature called S3 Intelligent Tiering which is a cost optimization feature. Using this the data is moved automatically based on the access pattern (frequently or infrequently) of data to a cheaper storage class. Find more about this particular feature here. There is a small price associated by using this feature, but is worth the cost saving by moving data to a cheaper S3 storage class.

answered Jul 30, 2019 by Praveen
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