How is Docker different from other containerization methods

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How is Docker different from other containerization methods? I Also where is Docker being used?
Jul 30, 2019 in Docker by James

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Docker containers are very easy to deploy in any cloud platform. 

It can get more applications running on the same hardware when compared to other technologies, it makes it easy for developers to quickly create, ready-to-run containerized applications and it makes managing and deploying applications much easier. 

You can even share containers with your applications. With other containerization methods, these features are not possible.

Also, docker is being used for the following fields:

  • Simplifying configuration: Docker lets you put your environment and configuration into code and deploy it.
  • Code Pipeline Management: There are different systems used for development and production. As the code travels from development to testing to production, it goes through a difference in the environment. Docker helps in maintaining the code pipeline consistency.
  • Developer Productivity: Using Docker for development gives us two things – We’re closer to production and development environment is built faster.
  • Application Isolation: As containers are applications wrapped together with all dependencies, your apps are isolated. They can work by themselves on any hardware that supports Docker.
  • Debugging Capabilities: Docker supports various debugging tools that are not specific to containers but work well with containers.
  • Multi-tenancy: Docker lets you have multi-tenant applications avoiding redundancy in your codes and deployments.
  • Rapid Deployment: Docker eliminates the need to boost an entire OS from scratch, reducing the deployment time.
answered Jul 30, 2019 by Yamini

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