Create a Custom function in puppet

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Could somebody specify how to create a new custom function in puppet?
Jul 29, 2019 in Puppet by Karan
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All the custom functions are implemented as separate .rb files and are distributed among modules. 

One needs to put custom functions in lib/puppet/parser/function.

Creating a New Function :

New functions are created or defined using the newfunction method inside the puppet::parser::Functions module. 

One needs to pass the function name as a symbol to newfunction method and the code to run as a block. 

The following example is a function, which is used to write a string to the file inside the /user directory.

module Puppet::Parser::Functions 
   newfunction(:write_line_to_file) do |args| 
      filename = args[0] 
      str = args[1], 'a') {|fd| fd.puts str } 

Once the user has the function declared, it can be used in the manifest file as shown below.

write_line_to_file('/user/Sam.txt, "Hello Sam!")
answered Jul 29, 2019 by Sirajul
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