how to develop healthcare records using DApp on Blockchain

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Actucally i want to know how can we develop a blockchain based Healthcare record management system? Which technology should i use like hyperledger, Bigchain DB etc. Please reply asap i need it for my reserach work.
Jul 26, 2019 in Blockchain by anonymous

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Hi. As Healthcare will be a private Blockchain for an organization, I think Hyperledger will be more suitable. To develop it, you need to setup the Blockchain network. Build an Hyperledger Fabric network and then depending on your requirement, add nodes, give permissions and write chaincode for managing data. 

You can refer to this link:

answered Jul 26, 2019 by Esha
what if i want a global healthcare system like accessible in any hospital? but i need to maintain a distributed database also does hyperledger works for both front end and backend ?
If you want to make it global then you have to host the DApp on a server. Hyperledger is mainly for the Blockchain logic i.e., the backend. But you can connect a front-end to it using Node SDK. You can use NodeJS to design the front end.

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