Install python using Ansible

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How do I install python with Ansible?
Jul 22, 2019 in Python by Varsha

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Try something like:

- hosts: all
  remote_user: root
  gather_facts: false

  - name: Check for Python
      raw: test -e /usr/bin/python
      changed_when: false
      failed_when: false
      register: check_python

 - name: Install Python
      raw: yum -y install python
      when: check_python.rc != 0

It basically checks I python is already installed. If it hasn't it will install it. The task, in this case, installs python on CentOs or Ubuntu using yum.

answered Jul 22, 2019 by Travis

I want to perform similar task on Windows. Any suggestions ?


Ansible has modules for the Windows system as well. You can find all the modules for the Windows system that is available for the Linux system.

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