Are deployments with more than one replica automatically doing rolling updates when a new deployment config is applied?

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Jul 19 in Kubernetes by Sam
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  • The Deployment updates Pods in a rolling update fashion when .spec.strategy.type==RollingUpdate .

  • You can specify maxUnavailable and maxSurge to control the rolling update process. 

  • Rolling update is the default deployment strategy.kubectl rolling-update updates Pods and ReplicationControllers in a similar fashion. 

  • But, Deployments are recommended, since they are declarative, and have additional features, such as rolling back to any previous revision even after the rolling update is done.

  • So for rolling updates to work as one may expect, a readiness probe is essential. Redeploying deployments is easy but rolling updates will do it nicely for me without any downtime. 

  • The way to make a  rolling update of a Deployment and kubctl apply on it is as below

minReadySeconds: 180
replicas: 9
revisionHistoryLimit: 20
deployment: standard
name: standard-pod
maxSurge: 1
maxUnavailable: 1
type: RollingUpdate
answered Jul 19 by Sirajul
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