how can i access two containers that are inside a pod from the browser with IP address

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I have one Kubernetes pod and inside two containers are running one is ngnix and other one is wordpress, so how can i access these two containers from the browsers with IP address?
Jul 18, 2019 in Kubernetes by Sam
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Just do port forward.

kubectl port-forward [nginx-pod-name] 80:80

kubectl port-forward [wordpress-pod-name] drupal-port:wordpress-port

To make it permanent, you need to expose those through nodeports whenever you do kubectl port forward it adds a rule to the firewall to allow that traffic across nodes but by default that isn’t allowed since flannel or firewall probably blocks it.

Proxy tries to connect over the network of the apiserver host as you correctly found, port-forward on the other hand is a mechanism that the node kubelet exposes over its own API.

answered Jul 18, 2019 by Sirajul
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not really , if those two services provide some url pattern then i can forward traffic to respective contianers with

opening an unsecure node port as the taffic directly comes to the deployed service

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