How can I download Microsoft WebDriver Edge Driver to use with Selenium

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How can I download Microsoft WebDriver/Edge Driver to use with Selenium?
Jul 15, 2019 in Selenium by William

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Hi William, to download Microsoft Webdriver or Edge driver, you first need to check following basic requirements to run Egde driver with selenium:

  • Windows 10 installed on your machine
  • Correct Microsoft WebDriver server version
  • Latest version of Selenium Webdriver

Now, you can follow these steps to download the Microsoft webdriver:

  1. First check the version of your OS build. Based on your OS version build, you have to download the corresponding Edge driver. To check OS Build go to Start > Settings > System > About. In my case, OS version build is 17134.
  2. Open Microsoft Edge Webdriver page using this link –
  3. Click on Downloads and from the list of different versions of Edge drivers, download the latest one or as per your requirement.
  4. This will download the msi file. Select all default details while installing the msi file. Note down the location where the driver will be installed. This will be displayed in the window shown in the below image:
  5. Once the installation is complete, go to the folder path to check that webdriver is properly installed.
For further understanding, you can refer to the Selenium Training.
answered Jul 15, 2019 by Abha
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Hi Team

i am automate edge browser my edge browser getting launched but url not launched


praveen raj
Hi Praveen Raj,

How did you manage to open even the Edge Browser? i am trying with PHP.

Hey Praveen raj,

This kind of error will occur if, your Edge driver version isn't similar to the OS build number. So, You would need to download the correct version of Edge Driver based on the OS build number.

Hey Chak,

You can look into this I hope this will help you with your query. 

And if you have anything else related just put them into the community forum.

Hey ggm,

I am asking for the legacy Microsoft Edge version (Edge 44 & HTML 18) using the Microsoft Web Driver.


Okay, so there is a method-  webdriver.edge.driver system property

When you use the method, you need to add one line of code to your test script to use MicrosoftWebDriver. You need to add System.setProperty code in your script. It is shown below:

System.setProperty("webdriver.edge.driver","C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Web Driver\\MicrosoftWebDriver.exe"); //put actual location
WebDriver driver = new EdgeDriver();
driver.get("your link");

Run this script and you will see that a new Edge Browser is opened and your link page is loaded in the browser. This verifies that the webdriver.edge.driver system property is working fine.

what else need to do for mac machine

Hi, @Pandiya,

Do you want to download Microsoft Webdriver or Edge driver in your Mac system?

Guys listen check your OS Build in your system, after match your OS then download the edge browser (or) Driver, And one more thing in edge browser 183653.959  in this OS Build is not available, So plan accordingly......  This one i can say WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM ONLY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..


GopiDeva PL

Thanks for the insight @GopiDeva

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