Can pods mount NFS volume?

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Can a Kubernetes-pod mount an NFS volume?
Jul 15, 2019 in Kubernetes by Jenny

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Yes, there's an example here of both an NFS client and server running within pods in the cluster: 


Configuring NFS Server

Define NFS server pod and NFS service:

$ kubectl create -f nfs-server-pod.yaml
$ kubectl create -f nfs-server-service.yaml

The server exports /mnt/data directory, which contains dummy index.html. Wait until the pod is running!

Configuring NFS Client

See WEB server pod, which runs a simple web server serving data from the NFS. 

The pod assumes your DNS is set up and the NFS service is reachable as nfs-server.default.kube.local

Edit the yaml file to supply another name or directly its IP address (use kubectl get services to get it).

Finally, define the pod:

$ kubectl create -f web-pod.yaml
Now the pod serves index.html from the NFS server:
$ curl http://<the container IP address>/
Hello World!
answered Jul 15, 2019 by Sirajul
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Do you know where the YAMLs files about the exemple above is ?
You have to configure those yaml files on the NFS server within the /volumes/nfs directory structure of your kubernetes cluster.

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