how can we prioritize pods and preempt them

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Is there a way to prioritize and preempt the pods in kubernetes? How can i achieve this?
Jul 15, 2019 in Kubernetes by Sam
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  • A PriorityClass is a non-namespaced object that defines a mapping from a priority class name to the integer value of the priority. 

  • The name is specified in the name field of the PriorityClass object’s metadata. The value is specified in the required value field. The higher the value, the higher the priority.

  • A PriorityClass object can have any 32-bit integer value smaller than or equal to 1 billion. 

  • Larger numbers are reserved for critical system Pods that should not normally be preempted or evicted. 

  • A cluster admin should create one PriorityClass object for each such mapping that they want.

  • PriorityClass also has two optional fields: globalDefault and description

  • The globalDefault field indicates that the value of this PriorityClass should be used for Pods without a priorityClassName. 

  • Only one PriorityClass with globalDefault set to true can exist in the system. 

  • If there is no PriorityClass with globalDefault set, the priority of Pods with no priorityClassName is zero.

answered Jul 15, 2019 by Sirajul
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