Unable to integrate jenkins with tfs EndpointNotFoundException

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I've been trying to integrate jenkins2.6 with tfs2013. The tfsserver plugin v5.121.0 is also installed. But whenever I try to configure tfs plugin in jenkins to contact the tfs team project collections by using the url of the default tfs collection (http://localserver:8080/tfs/mcdonalds), this comes up:

com.microsoft.tfs.core.ws.runtime.exceptions.EndpointNotFoundException: The SOAP endpoint localserver:8080/tfs/mcdonalds/Services/v1.0/Registration.asmx could not be contacted.  HTTP status: 504

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May 28, 2018 in Jenkins by shubham
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Check if you can connect to tfs server collection through web portal or not.

Othrewise it's usually a proxy or a gateway issue HTTP Status 504

TFS plugin attempts to use the HTTP proxy to connect to the TFS server. Check you proxy settings or you could try to change the no proxy host config under Jenkins > Plugin Manager > Advanced, similar to the wildcard domain that tfs server resides on and then try again to reconnect.

answered May 28, 2018 by DareDev
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