Looping through an Excel file in Automation Anywhere

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I have a loop issue in the Excel file. I've prepared a table with Vendor, Material and order Quantity as shown below:

Vendor Material Quantity
25000 1545454 100
64003 7854786 1024
25000 5896471 250
25000 3336661 900
64003 7854786 2048
25000 3336691 900

I wanted to validate the table if there is any redundancy in the material and vendor column. I have created 6 variables, 2 variables for each of the three columns. I have named them v1,m1,q1 and v2,m2,q2. I have also used 2 iterators- iterator1 and iterator2 whose value I am incrementing in two loops.

Here is the screenshot of what the code looks like:

This code is giving me an error, the loop runs for an infinite number of times. Can someone help me fix this?



Jul 9 in RPA by DareDev
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There are a few corrections to be made in the code:

1.) Use another iterator- iterator3 and set its value to 5

2.) Use your variable operations command outside the inner loop

3.) Loop through the file using iterator3 and decrement this value

4.) Use your variable operation command between if and end loop

For more details refer to the code below

I hope this helped..!!

answered Jul 9 by Iffath
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Hi Iffath, thanks for sharing the answer. I was also facing the same problem, it really helped.

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