Which service is suitable to implement IAAC

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I am a DevOps engineer and  learning to practise DevOps on AWS platform. I want to implement IAAC strategy but am not sure of which service to use and how to use can anyone help me?
Jul 8, 2019 in AWS by code_ninja
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  • To implement IAAC on AWS platform make use of CloudFormation
  • CloudFormation is a service that helps the user in provisioning and configuring AWS resources via declarative templates to avoid spending more time on managing resources and focus only on the application running in AWS
  • It often automates and simplifies the task of repeatedly and predictably creating groups of related resources that power your applications.
  • It treats all the resources in a template as a single stack
  • It is used to process infrastructure templates to provide infrastructure

  • It is also useful when you are deploying environment with multiple resources like ELB, S3, databases and many more

  • To delete an environment just click on “delete stack” and CloudFormation deletes all resources associated with the stack

  • For better step-by-step understanding of  AWS cloudFormation have a look at this Video.

I hope this helps you.


answered Jul 8, 2019 by anonymous

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