what is routing mesh under docker swarm mode?

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Jul 8, 2019 in Docker by Sam
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Routing Mesh is a feature which make use of Load Balancer concepts.It provides global publish port for a given service. The routing mesh uses port based service discovery and load balancing. So to reach any service from outside the cluster you need to expose ports and reach them via the Published Port.

Docker Engine swarm mode makes it easy to publish ports for services to make them available to resources outside the swarm. All nodes participate in an ingress routing mesh. The routing mesh enables each node in the swarm to accept connections on published ports for any service running in the swarm, even if there’s no task running on the node. The routing mesh routes all incoming requests to published ports on available nodes to an active container.

To use the ingress network in the swarm, you need to have the following ports open between the swarm nodes before you enable swarm mode:

  • Port 7946 TCP/UDP for container network discovery.

  • Port 4789 UDP for the container ingress network.

answered Jul 8, 2019 by Sirajul
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