What is the validation of any AWS certificate?

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I am a AWS certified associate architect, I have cleared my certification recently. So I wanted to know how long this certificate is valid and Do I need to reattempt it later and what will the amount for re-attempting it?
Jun 21 in AWS by code_ninja
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  • Well any of the AWS certificate is valid for the upcoming two years from the time you clear the certification
  • For reference you can have look at this image:
  • The re-certification exam pattern follows the same actual exam blueprint
  • The cost of re-exam certification is USD 75 and time duration is 80 min
  • You will receive a notification By AWS  team 6 months prior the expiry date of your certificate
  • To know more about AWS certificate and its validity have look at this link.

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answered Jun 21 by ArchanaNagur
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