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What are the ways to share Power BI reports and how to share to your colleagues or Team members?
Jun 20 in Power BI by Riya

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To be able to share Power BI Reports or for making a workspace for your team to work you need to have Power BI Desktop Pro.

You can share your reports in the following ways

  • Collaborate with team members using shared workspace.
  • Using shared datasets
  • mobile apps

Create a workspace, follow the below steps:

           Go to Power BI home and Go to Workspaces -> Create new workspace - > Create a new workspace window will open, enter workspace details and members through their emails.

           Once created, it can be seen in workspace window.


Share a report or dashboard, Go to the file and then click on share which is present on the top right side of the screen and enter the email for sharing the report or dashboard.



For sharing datasets

For more information on ways to share work in power BI,

Hope it helps you!

answered Jun 20 by Cherukuri
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