**Attention Ladies & Gents, this is your chance to win free Edureka Merchandise on our Community.

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Fellow learners, Edureka Community is giving away T-Shirts, Fridge Magnets, Stickers & other types of Merchandise to its most active and contributing members. To stand a chance to win, do the following:

  1. Sign-up and ANSWER to this thread with hashtag: #EdurekaCommunityFTW
  2. Ask your career & tech doubts, help other members with their problems

PS: Top 50 winners will be chosen based on the POINTS they accumulate starting from now until JULY 31st 2019. We'll only be able to track your activity if you're SIGNED-IN. Stay tuned, our ADMINS will be in touch with you. You can track your points from your Profile page.

Jun 7 in Ask us Anything! by Edureka
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answered Jun 7 by Kalgi
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Awesome Edureka #EdurekaCommunityFTW

answered Jun 7 by Awanish
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This is interesting! Looking forward to get the merchandise! #EdurekaCommunityFTW

answered Jun 9 by Raman

Hey Raman, you need to SIGN UP and join our community. Only then, you'll be eligible for goodies. :)

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answered Jun 9 by Neha

Hey Neha, you need to SIGN UP and join our community. Only then, you'll be eligible for goodies. :)

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Excellent #EdurekaCommunityFTW
answered Jun 10 by meetzbachi
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Now that you're eligible, its time you start sharing your wisdom with others. Explore various topics, seek and provide Career & Tech advise to the needy. 

Note: Only the top 50 most active users will be eligible for Edureka Merchandise. Results will be out on July 31st.

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This is great!! #EdurekaCommunityFTW

answered Jun 10 by Gitika
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Let's get rolling! #EdurekaCommunityFTW

answered Jun 11 by Omkar
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Awesomely Amazing.... #EdurekaCommunityFTW

answered Jul 2 by anonymous
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