Checking spectral co-clustering also accuracy

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I want python code for the following requirements:

A dataset is generated using make_biclusters function. The rows and columns are then shuffled and It's then sent to spectral co-clustering also. I would like to rearrange the shuffled matrix and show how accurately the algorithm found the biclusters.

Thank you
Jun 3, 2019 in Machine Learning by Anmol

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Hi Vishal, you could try something like this:

import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

from sklearn.datasets import make_biclusters
from sklearn.datasets import samples_generator as sg
from sklearn.cluster.bicluster import SpectralCoclustering
from sklearn.metrics import consensus_score

data, rows, columns = make_biclusters(
    shape=(300, 300), n_clusters=5, noise=5,
    shuffle=False, random_state=0)

plt.title("Original dataset")

data, row_idx, col_idx = sg._shuffle(data, random_state=0)
plt.title("Shuffled dataset")

model = SpectralCoclustering(n_clusters=5, random_state=0)
score = consensus_score(model.biclusters_,
                        (rows[:, row_idx], columns[:, col_idx]))

print("consensus score: {:.3f}".format(score))

fit_data = data[np.argsort(model.row_labels_)]
fit_data = fit_data[:, np.argsort(model.column_labels_)]

plt.title("After biclustering; rearranged to show biclusters")
answered Jun 3, 2019 by Yamini

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