How do I know who has performed a particular operation in jenkins

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I need to know who has created/deleted a jenkins job. Is it possible? if Yes,How?
May 30, 2019 in Jenkins by Namik
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You can keep a log of who performed particular Jenkins operations, such as configuring jobs or who has created or deleted a particular job.This is possible by using "Audit Trail Plugin" available with jenkins.

  • From jenkins dashboard ->Manage Jenkins->Manage Plugins.

  • Click on the available tab->search for Audit trail plugin->install it.

This plugin adds an Audit Trail section in the main Jenkins configuration page. 

Here you can configure log location and settings (file size and number of rotating log files), and a URI pattern for requests to be logged. The default options select most actions with significant effect such as creating/configuring/deleting jobs and views or delete/save-forever/start a build. 

The log is written to disk as configured and recent entries can also be viewed in the Manage / System Log section.

answered May 30, 2019 by Sirajul
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