Trying to use Lambda to perform backend tasks

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I have an app which consist in an Angular4 as frontend and Java app as Backend. But I´m planning to use AWS Lambda as I´m interested after seeing the videos in Amazon.

The issue is that I don´t know how to get the best from AWS.

My Java app has a very time consuming task to process some images (which takes several seconds).

But I'm not sure if I can deploy all my app in Lambda, or if the idea is to use a EC2 server and then the specific task for the image processing in the lambda. Can anyone please shed some light here?

Also, the frontend app can be deploy in a lambda, or again, lambda is just for specific task?

EDIT: The application flow would be: The user in the angular app upload an image, the image goes to the backend server in Java and it´s stored in (maybe) a AWS bucket.. Then the Java app with imagemagick process the image and the result is store in (maybe) another bucket.

So the question is when I need to use Lambda? just to convert the image or if the full backend (and maybe frontend) app would be there?

help me with lambda connection
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AWS Lambda is a service used for serverless computing. i.e  cloud provider runs the server, and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. 

S3 is a storage service but can be used to host static websites. So to deploy Angular frontend use Amazon S3. 

To show image processing results -

For backend image processing you can use Lambda and AWS API Gateway along with S3. For this recommended  you can use the API Backend to get an Signed URL or AWS STS in Lambda to get temporary access to Amazon S3 Bucket to Upload the image directly to S3 from Angular App.

After Uploading the image to S3 you can setup an event driven workflow by using Amazon S3 triggers to invoke an Lambda function to perform the image processing and save the process image back to S3 

answered 5 days ago by ArchanaNagur
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