AWS EFS vs EBS vs S3 differences when to use

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As per the title of this question, what are the practical differences between AWS EFS, EBS and S3?

My understanding of each:

  • S3 is a storage facility accessible any where
  • EBS is a device you can mount onto EC2
  • EFS is a file system you can mount onto EC2

So why would I use EBS over EFS? Seem like they have the same use cases but minor semantic differences? Although EFS is replicated across AZs where as EBS is just a mounted device. I guess my understanding of EBS is lacking hence I'm unable to distinguish.

Why choose S3 over EFS? They both store files, scale and are replicated. I guess with S3 you have to use the SDK where as with EFS being a file system you can you standard I/O methods from your programming language of choice to create files. But is that the only real difference?

Aug 9, 2018 in AWS by ArchanaNagur
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1 answer to this question.

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Parameters S3 EBS EFS
Access Can be accessed publicly  Accessed only through given EC2 Machine Accessible through several EC2 machines and AWS services
Storage type Object Storage Block Storage Object Storage
cost $0.023/Month $0.045-0.1/Month $0.3/Month
scalability Scalable Hardly scalable Scalable
Interface Web interface File System interface Web and file system interface
Efficiency Slower than EBS and EFS Faster than S3 and EFS Faster than S3, slower than EBS
Application Good for storing backups Is meant to be EC2 drive Good for shareable applications and workloads

answered Aug 9, 2018 by ArchanaNagur
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